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The Reiki Way To Inner Peace (ebook)


This is a guide to deepening and strengthening your connection to the Reiki energy and to bringing about inner peace. You will be shown many different ways you can use Reiki to experience healing in your own life and that of others.

To gain the most benefit from this book it is suggested that you have been attuned to Reiki. However anyone, whether you have completed a Reiki course or not, can experience transformation by following the meditations and incorporating the Reiki Principles into your life

It has been said many times that to have peace and harmony in the world, we first need to have peace in our own hearts and minds. Now is the time. Feed your spirit daily with these simple to follow exercises and allow Reiki to be the catalyst for your transformation and a change in the world.

About The Author

Karen Colley has been a revered and respected colleague of mine for a number of years. Ours has been one of those rare and special friendships that instantly feel like you have known each other for a thousand years. The first things that impressed me about Karen was her passionate integrity for her chosen Reiki and Yogic path, embracing the purity and simplicity and never asking anyone to take on a challenge greater than that which she would be willing to accept.

This book is a simple step-by-step guide to 21 days of transformation with Reiki, though Karen (a Reiki Master for many Years) has even managed to adapt the book so that readers who have not been attuned to Reiki can also easily partake in the life changing exercises.

Karen’s language is beautiful and carefully crafted to give simple and easy to follow directions. She lives and believes what she writes and suggests for others on their path to transformation into a fuller, juicier and happier life, to follow The Reiki Way to Inner Peace.

Fran McAllen

(Fran has been an Alternative Therapist for 30 years her primary transformational tools are Inner Influencing with Angelic Guidance, NLP.and Reiki )

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