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Reiki One Course Outline


Reiki One Course is now available via Distance Learning. Please email me for more information


The Reiki 1 course is conducted over 2 days and covers the following:

Introduction to Reiki

The story of Reiki

The Reiki Principles

Reiki Attunement Process

Self treatment

Hand Positions for treatment of others

Practical sessions on giving and receiving Reiki

How to conduct a Reiki session

Introduction to metaphysics

Other uses for Reiki

Case Studies

Questions and Answers

During Reiki 1 training, you are taught the general principles of Reiki and become familiarised with its history and roots.

You will receive four attunements. These attunements are focused mainly on opening up the physical body so that it can then accept the energy.

You will learn how to feel Reiki energy, you will also be taught and have extensive practise on how to give a treatment, firstly to yourself and secondly to other people. This part of the course assists the integration of the energy and gives you the tools to become a Reiki Practitioner.

On completion of the course, you will receive the First Degree Reiki Certificate as well as on-going support and advice.


I have just completed my Level 1 Reiki, with Karen Colley.  The loving and nurturing environment created by Karen meant I was able to embrace the beautiful experience of Reiki 1 and the wisdoms that unfolded. 

I had been wanting to learn Reiki 1 - for several years and hadn’t found the right teacher until I came across Karen.  

Karen has such a loving and gentle energy that I knew she was a safe person to connect with and to share my Reiki journey with.  

Karen opened up her home, her heart and shared her teachings and knowledge in professional and relaxed way.  I felt safe to open up about my inner thoughts and challenges with 0% judgement and 100% love.  

Karen is a warm, beautiful soul with so much light and love to share.  

Such an amazing gift and journey for which I am very grateful for.  I highly recommend Karen for her courses.

I left the course feeling deep peace and love. By this beautiful gift of Reiki, I’ve been able to carry the same peace within me on my day to day life. I’m forever grateful for Karen for sharing her knowledge with me. 

From the bottom of my heart, Karen … Thank you. – Mirelle, Ipswich  


Through a wonderful friend, I was blessed to find out about Karen’s Reiki 1 course. Reiki is something I’ve been meaning to do for many years but as is often the case, life just got too hectic.   

I was a little unsure really what to expect as I had very limited knowledge on the history of Reiki. However, Karen’s warmth, compassion, and knowledge made the journey so enjoyable and I am eternally grateful for this experience.  I learnt so much more than I expected and was excited to start putting my newfound skills to use.

The environment was serene, the company fabulous and I would encourage anyone who is about to embark on the Reiki journey to consider Karen. - Jannelle



This Reiki course is accredited by The INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF COMPLEMENTARY THERAPISTS, which means that on completion you are eligible to become a member of the IICT for membership and Insurance purposes. (Australian students only)



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