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What is Reiki


Reiki is balance.

Reiki treats the whole body, on the physical, mental and emotional levels. It energizes the body, promotes healing and it can be safely used alongside all other health care and medical treatments.

During a treatment the practitioner's hands are genly placed on or just above the recipient's fully clothed body. A warmth or tingling may be experienced at first and eventually a feeling of deep relaxation may spread throughout the whole body.

Science is just beginning to look into the benefits of Reiki. Current medical research shows that Reiki;

- Relieves general stress and anxiety levels and is very safe for pregnant mums to be.

- Has been successfully used to treat depression.

- Decreases heart rate, decreases the systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

- Decreases pain, improves mobility, accelerates recovery from surgery and reduces the negative effects of medication.

Reiki is used in hospitals all over the world. Mehmet Oz, MD, a cardiothoracic surgeon at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Centre in New York, uses Reiki practitioners to balance the patient's energy during surgery, including open heart surgeries and heart transplants. He reports decreased post-op depression, pain, leg weakness, and reduced rejection rates.

For a Reiki session call Karen: 0415 699 555. Monthly Reiki workshops are held in the Shailer Park area. Email me or check the website calendar for details.

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