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Zpoint Therapy


Zpoint is a technique that offers you FREEDOM...

Freedom from stress, fear, anger, guilt, shame, grief and every other unwanted feeling that you may experience in a lifetime.

The Zpoint process works on releasing the unwanted emotions that you experience as you think a particular thought. For example; if you think about your financial situation you may feel...fear, hopelessness, uncertainty any combination of emotions. The zpoint process will quickly and easily take away these unwanted emotions.

One round of the process takes about 6 1/2 minutes...this means that in 6 1/2 minutes you can be feeling better about an upsetting situation...a few more rounds and you may feel an inner peace and even joy, sometimes.not even remembering why your emotions were triggered so easily in the first place.

Zpoint is so easy to learn, even Children can learn to do it.

Please watch the following videos by Grant Connoly, founder of Zpoint, where he explains more and takes you through a few processes.


For a private consultation call Karen: 0415 699 555. Be sure to check the website calendar for Zpoint workshops being held in the Shailer Park area.

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